Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Next Chapter Begins.......

The Next Chapter
Life after divorce

I write this knowingly that I may be judged harshly by some. I am writing this to share something very deep and personal to my readers. In the early stages of my writing I was an open book with my life and I shared somewhat more personal stories. In many posts I spoke about a range of topics including my fears of pregnancy and getting my fitness shape back after having C-sections and other significant events in my life. I've made some shifts the last couple of years with my writing. I chose to use more of an informative and dryer tone sticking to subjects regarding strength training, kettlebell tutorials, and inspirational students or recipes. I'm finally ready to take the risk to open up to everyone and share with you a glimpse of my new life.

Ending A Marriage

A couple of years ago my marriage ended and I became a single parent. The moment we separated I felt as if I jumped off the highest bridge and dove head first into rough muddy waters. As a result, I experienced difficulty breathing, nausea, extreme highs and lows, and a considerable number of crying spells. I wasn't a crier before, so I felt I lost control. The tears of pain were filled with a frantic amount of guilt and fear. I felt utterly confused and crippled as to why a "strong" woman like me was having these low points of feeling so weak.

Processing the Stages

I'd like to highlight and make it known that ending a marriage, especially one with kids, is not the easy way out. It's hard on everyone. The only way I was able to cope was by visualizing and knowing that I'd be happier on the other side. As I swam water upstream and nearly drowned in the storm, I continued to focus on the beautiful island, the rainbow that awaited: The island of happiness, independence, balance, peace and harmony. Luckily with an incredibly supportive family and with friends who stuck by me, I was able to move through each stage. I want to deeply thank my friends that reached out to me without judgment and supported me during that time.

Discovering Self

After my separation/divorce, I didn't know who I was anymore. I felt like a scared little girl. All I knew is that I was a mom and business owner. I had forgotten what it's like to be me. I felt as if I'd entered a new dimension like the twilight zone. My confidence was low and it was hard not to experience feelings of vulnerability. My judgment felt impaired at times and I didn't trust my own decisions. After some trial and error, I eventually discovered who I could trust along the way and the people I chose to surround myself with. Isn't that just part of life anyway?

Being Away from My Kids

As an overprotective and hands-on mom, just thinking about not being continually with my kids made me panic. When they were born I changed my whole career structure to be able to be around them as much as possible. Just the thought of not being able to kiss them every night before bed or be there when they woke up became a harsh reality. I found this to be the most painful part of all. I discovered during my time with my kids, the quality time that was spent was taken to another level.

The Storm

Dissolving a marriage is one of the most emotional and draining experiences for anyone. Just like when someone loses someone, there can be major grieving periods. In rare circumstances, I've heard of very peaceful and amicable parting of ways, which is the ideal. A true test of strength for me was being able to create a bubble of happiness around me, without it being punctured during the emotional hurricane. When each mini cyclone passed, I made an effort to have small victory celebrations. Celebrating love and happiness became my religion.

During the process of adjusting to my new life, my career took a huge dive. Creative skills and writing were nonexistent and I was completely drained. I used any energy I had to sustain the art of juggling kids, paying a slew of bills, and training my students. Writing and filming took the back seat. Luckily my students were very understanding during this major transitional time.

The Kettlebell Body fitness DVD was born during this time.  I was still in the middle of the storm, but felt pulled to create this DVD. The workouts were very empowering for me. I was beginning to get my strength back and my stress levels started to diminish. This was the start of regaining myself and physique. The 4 generations of powerful women that were featured all had gone through hardships in their lives, yet overcame them. 

Dating Myself

I created a new relationship with myself as I began to feel more whole and complete. Initially I was incapable of doing this. I was carrying bitterness around and banned the thought of ever getting married again. Dating myself was a very gratifying experience. Being alone forced me to rely on myself and develop a new level of independence. Relationships with my friends became stronger and much deeper during. My happiness levels became less of a roller coaster ride and much more consistent. I was beginning to feel like I could accomplish anything. Looking back over the years I realized more and more that discovering who I am again, was a gift from God.

Whole Again

Becoming whole again took time, along with the practice of letting go. Letting go of the past and guilt, while moving through a stagnant limbo state, became the key to feeling more complete. Doing it all on my own was an invigorating feeling. It was at this time my physical strength was at it's all time high. It was almost supernatural how physically strong I became and honestly I didn't even try that hard. I even wrote an article about it. The most important part of all is that my precious girls were happy and were adjusting. They continued to thrive in school and make lots of friends. Knowing they had so much love surrounding them allowed me to move past the guilt I was carrying.

Opening My Heart

 I finally felt as if I became a strong woman inside and out with control of my feelings. Several months in to my new sense of wholeness, the impossible happened to me. I didn't ask for it. In fact, I didn't even want it, nor did I trust it. I sure as hell wasn't ready to feel vulnerable or dependent on someone. I was afraid of being hurt and didn't want to chance losing my sense of being whole. I had just healed, recovered from being in the frying pan and was finally enjoying ME!

Falling for someone that was on a very similar path as me, was the last thing I expected to happen. It was as if we had been riding tandem on the same wave and finally collided. I admit, I broke the student and teacher relationship rule, for the first time.  It wasn't until months in to his training journey, while the transformational process was in effect, did we form a friendship outside of training.

Our lives were revitalized in more ways than one. This is where Kettlebell Revelation stems from. My 8th DVD, represents a new beginning and a new chapter with my new partner.

Well...... The rest is history.....

Blessed to have more to love

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Awesome Ab Exercise

SkateCore™ Ab Exercise with Lauren Brooks 

Try this incredible core strengthening exercise utilizing a skateboard.
My students continue to achieve results very quickly with this approach. Let us know what you think!!

These kind of exercises are seen in our newest DVD Kettlebell Revelation. Pre-Order is still running through our store. Use Discount Code: Revelation27 to receive $10.00 off.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Push-up using a Skateboard. Enjoy this Push-up Variation

If you are ready to take your push-up to the next level, here is one that I truly enjoy!

Try this SkateCore™ Push-up Variation

This can also help you on your way to One Arm Push-Ups

If you want to see more SkateCore exercises you can find them on our newest release Kettlebell Revelation. Pre-order prices are still available for 1 more week!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kari went from ZERO to SIX PULL-UPS starting in her 40's. (Watch Video on How To Begin Your Pull-up Journey)

"I never thought at age 43, I would be strong enough to be able to do even one pull-up, let alone six."

Kari doing Chin-ups

Kari doing Pull-ups

Today is Kari Miller's 43rd birthday!  I felt it was time to highlight Kari, 43 yr old mom of 2, success in achieving her pull-up goal. Kari's determination and dedication has been infectious to our entire group.  She's a beautiful woman inside and out and we truly love her.  

Here is Kari's Story:

I started my kettlebell journey with Lauren Brooks last December.  I went to Lauren because I wanted to take my training to the next level.  I didn’t just want to be kettlebell strong,  I wanted to be Lauren Brooks strong.

I witnessed just how strong Lauren is when she did a set of pull-ups (too many to count) during a Friday group session.  I decided that day I wanted to be strong enough to do just one.

I started using the assistance band in class to help me with my pull-ups.  With the strength I was gaining from attending Lauren's classes three times a week and consistently working on pull-ups, Lauren suggested I try a pull-up without a band.  I tried and I did my first pull-up.  I was so excited and I became obsessed with wanting to do more.  Lucky for me my husband had installed a pull-up bar in the house a few years back. I was doing pull-ups at home and in class.  The one turned into two, the two turned into four and the four turned into six.  I am now working on chin-ups, pulls-ups, mix grips and weighted pull-ups.  My ultimate goal is to be able to do ten in a row with any grip I choose.

I never thought at age 43, I would be strong enough to be able to do even one pull-up, let alone six.  It's a huge testament to Lauren and her strength training programs!
Thank you so much Lauren!!

THANK YOU KARI! You've inspired the entire group to get up on the pull-up bar and more females in their 40's are beginning their pull-up journey because of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARI!

Her and her husband own a popular sports bar and restaurant called Miller's Field down in Pacific Beach (San Diego), California.  Be sure to check it out if you're in the area. Special healthy menu as well!


Here is a link to some suggested bands to begin your pull- up journey. In addition to the bands I would also look in to making sure your body is strong with our tried and true programs.  Be SLAM and Kettlebell Body would be the perfect way to enhance this.

Friday, September 19, 2014

SkateCore™ Exercise Tutorials. You don't need to know how to skateboard!

Hope you enjoy the first few exercises to help strengthen the core.  We will be adding a new one each week for the next several weeks. The SkateCore ab exercises are seen in our newest DVD we've just pre-released, Kettlebell Revelation.

Grab your old skateboard or new one and try these!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kettlebell Revelation™ DVD

Revitalize and awaken your body from head to toe with Kettlebell Revelation. Lauren proudly brings you into her gym to experience the innovative program she has designed for both men and women. This program consists of highly-effective strength and fat burning workouts she uses with her intermediate to advanced kettlebell students. These workouts will truly rejuvenate you. The Kettlebell Revelation DVD includes exercises that are not on any of Lauren's other DVDs. Prepare to be blown away by all the workouts and especially the bonus abs of steel section. 


Lauren teaches you a variety of exercises that will take your training to the next level! Just to name a few she includes:

Tall Kneeling Press
Bottoms Up Clean
Bottoms Up Press
Pistols (Single Leg Squat)
Double Front Squat
Plank Rows
Side Lunge
Single Leg Dead lift 


Over 12 demonstrations
Warm Up/Cool Down Section 

4 follow along workouts

Revelation Strength 1  30 minutes 
Revelation Strength 2  27 minutes
 Fat Burning  12 minutes 
Bonus: Abs of Steel featuring SkateCore™   7 minutes 

DVD Running Time 96 minutes


DVDs are here and shipping out!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

On The Edge Fitness KETTLEBELL Giveaway.

Fresh starts can be very purifying. Today I'm celebrating a new phase with my website/business. As the collection in educational material grows, it's time to take my site platform to the next level. I still have several projects in the works but we are ready to celebrate this upgrade. We are GIVING a KETTLEBELL away. One person will WIN our most popular new Metrixx Elite™ Precision E-Coat Kettlebell. People are raving about how smooth this one is and enjoying the size of the handle.  

 Enter the kettlebell giveaway here.

16kg Metrixx Elite™ Precision E-Coat Kettlebell

WE ARE CELEBRATING AN UPGRADED NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH. On The Edge Fitness website has taken it to the next level. We have redesigned the entire site and are now offering the highest technology when it comes to streaming our popular follow along workouts and education material.  You can still order our tried and true hard copy DVDs and books as well. Look out for our newest addition about to join us as well in weeks to come.  For a limited time take $10 off our hard copy DVD's Code: 10offdvd

Second place wins our brand new soon to be released Kettlebell Revelation™ DVD

For my loyal friends and followers who have been with me for years, you can also enter to win even if you receive my newsletters. So much more to come! I thank you for all your support and I look forward to releasing more educational training materials! Second place winner will win a copy of our brand new DVD Kettlebell Revelation™, which has not yet been released! Sign up below. Please share if you feel someone can benefit from these programs. THANK YOU!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kettlebell TOWEL Swing

Kettlebell Towel Swing

This is the absolute BEST exercise to practice to help you with the Kettlebell Swing. Practice this after the hip hinge and Dead Lift exercise. Watch your Kettlebell Swing improve dramatically with this exercise. Let me know how you do!

Practice your swing in some of our most popular DVD's and look out for our upcoming DVD Kettlebell Revelation™.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Turkish Get Up - Part 4

The Get Up
Part 4 (Final Lesson)
and final portion of the full body incredible exercise The Get Up. Please let me know how you do!

To view the other sections scroll down on my blog or go to this playlist via youtube. 

Here's a super simple tutorial of how stand up effectively and reverse the steps on the way down for an effective Get Up.  Covers proper head positioning.  You will find this exercise utilized in the popular Be SLAM program, Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning part 2 and the new Kettlebell Body DVD.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Turkish Get Up Tutorial - Part 3 (windshield wiper)

Here is Part 3 of the awesome Get Up. One of the most effective all around amazing strength and mobility improving exercise that exists.  These tutorials have helped make the Get Up easy and user friendly, along with increasing the bell size with ease.

Look out for our brand new DVD coming soon Kettlebell Revelation™, where you can use this drill in the workouts. In the mean time you can use this in Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells (Volume 2), Be SLAM program and The Kettlebell Body™.  Hope you enjoy!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Turkish Get Up Part 2 - Mastering the sweep thru.

The Get Up 
Step 2

Here's a super simple tutorial of how to sweep your leg through ending in the proper position. You will find this exercise utilized in the popular Be SLAM program, Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning part 2 and the new Kettlebell Body DVD.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Featuring Ida: Amazing Weight Loss Story and NOW Beautiful Fit Kettlebell Instructor.

Always extremely touched and honored with testimonials and success stories such as this one!  Here's a story of a woman that was severely overweight, had babies via C-section and suffered from hormonal issues. Fast forward to today she is now a kettlebell instructor getting her Strong First Kettlebell Certification (SFG). Read her story that she wrote to me. If you needed some inspiration this is the real deal!

Hi Lauren -

A little over 5 years ago I found your name as I was researching how to recover core strength after having a c-section.  At that time, I was severely overweight due to general poor diet, hormonal issues, pregnancy, and hormonal medications I had to take to become pregnant. I had always been physically active, but still overweight. I weighed 216 pounds. I am 5'2".

Your research led me to kettlebells, and my very first kettlebell workout was with your DVD The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells. I studied your YouTube videos and your blog to make sure my form was good and to make sure I was using the kettlebells correctly.  With your email advice, I started with an 18 pound kettlebell.

After that c-section in 2008, I had another in 2011 and recovered so quickly because I continued to use kettlebells during that pregnancy. Even my doctor was impressed!

Fast forward to today. Using your DVDs as a springboard, I started using kettlebells as my primary form of exercise. Eventually, I started training at FIRE-BELLZ and then with Zar Horton, Master SFG.

I am now a ketttlebell instructor at FIRE-BELLZ. (I also have a professional career, so kettlebells are my part-time passion!) I will be attending the October SFG I cert in San Diego this year.  My weight hovers between 140 and 145 pounds, and has for almost 3 years. I am stronger than I have ever been in my life. My normal swinging bell is either a 20kg or 24kg bell. I turn 40 this year, and feel the best I have ever felt in my life. 

I continue to follow your blog and do your workouts. You are an inspiration to me and many many others. 

Even though I train now with Zar and at FIRE-BELLZ.
 I will always credit you for starting me on this path. When I signed up for the cert, I knew I had to reach out to you and share my story. You started this! And I thank you so very much for doing so!

So, if you happen to be at the October cert and see a short, dark curly haired chic running up to you to give you a big hug, do not be afraid. It's just me!!!

With lots of thanks and tons of kettlebell love,

Ida Hernandez 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Turkish Get Up Tutorial Part 1 - Lauren Brooks

Part 1 of my favorite exercise - The Turkish Get Up

Practice this before moving on to the next sections. Next step coming soon....

For more free videos and tutorials subscribe to my youtube channel right here 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Way to Results Without Spending Your Life in a Gym... by Regina H.

What an honor to receive this testimonial/review. Thank you Regina Hurley for sharing this. I hope this inspires others to add this type of life changing training in to their lives. 

"It is possible for anyone – young, old, men, women, anywhere in the world, and cancer survivors and those affected by thyroid disease like me."  --- Regina H. Connecticut

The Way to Results Without Spending Your Life in a Gym.

I did what I was told for 21 days, cardio and weights in a circuit on machines. I did lose 5 lbs but I didn’t feel any stronger, or better. The trainer was quick to say – to make the cardio harder walk up hill and put the weights on the lightest possible and said – “you don’t want to get bulky.” then was somehow disappointed with me that I didn’t achieve in 21 days – lower fat percentage, inches off my waist and hips. The trainer repeated that I need to make the cardio harder, work longer, spend more than an hour in the gym. I didn’t have that kind of time and even if I did, physically I don’t have it in me to spend hours at a gym.  I began to feel discouraged.  

However, while sitting at my desk. I saw Lauren’s book Kettlebells for Women

I opened up Kettlebells for Women and reread the first line “Have you been discouraged from lifting weights or resistance training due to the fear of becoming big and bulky?”  It was like a light bulb had been turned on.  That was definitely what had just happened.  Right then and there, I decided to reread her book. I had read the book back in 2012 when it first came out. Yet the last 7 years I have battled serious health issues.  

In 2007, after a bout with pneumonia, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was put on generic thyroid meds but I did not improve. From 2007 to 2013, I had gained 70 lbs about 12 lbs a year. In 2010 after a routine mammogram, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was caught early enough and I am cancer free. 

In 2013, I finally found the right doctor for my thyroid condition.  It was his diagnosis that I most likely had Hashimoto's disease, which went untreated from 2007, and so I progressed to hypothyroidism.  My endocrinologist explained that I have been in a constant state of stress for the last 7 years and I needed a break from workouts. In March 2014, I was finally cleared to start workouts again. 

I already know Lauren to be a bad ass when it came to Kettlebells.  She is not in any way bulky or big, and has maintained a level of strength that most men don’t even have, while raising her own children, and running her own business, kettlebell classes, working with her clients, making videos, DVDs etc.  I also know her to be one of the strongest, most affective, intelligent, efficient, caring, compassionate strength coach, kettlebell instructor and fitness professional. Lauren Brooks truly wants results for her clients and works tirelessly to see to it that it happens and this book clearly shows this. 

Her book reminded me to work smarter not harder that results were achievable without spending hours in the gym. Most importantly this book helped me realize that getting strong and lean isn’t some big secret or complicated workout program.  It is possible for anyone – young, old, men, women, anywhere in the world, and cancer survivors and those affected by thyroid disease like me.   Lauren has provided simple straightforward exercises that are very effective in an easy to follow format. Kettlebells for Women also gives valuable nutrition information. Kettlebells for Women provides detailed instructions and photos about various exercises and how they benefit you.  Lastly, the book provides you with workouts for any level of fitness to help you get started and achieve results. 

More importantly, she never asked me to write this review. I contacted her and told her this was the least I could do to show my gratitude. This book changed my life for the better as it brought me from feeling discouraged, tired, out of shape to empower me with optimism and what is possible when I commit to the work. I would recommend Lauren Brooks's Kettlebells for Women to anyone looking to get strong, lean, sculpted and sexy.  Lauren Brooks truly believes that anyone can get those results and now so do I.  

Friday, April 25, 2014

Featuring Todd... a Dad... Almost 40 yrs old!

Pic on the right is  Todd 3 months after starting unconventional training.
I'm very proud to feature one of my newer students, Todd Graham. Todd is almost 40 years old and is a hard working father. Like most stories of why someone put on extra weight, "life" got in the way. Todd was an incredible high school athlete and continued to keep his conventional training regimen even through his stressful demanding career. Todd, being a motivated person and sometimes an over achiever, continued to "workout" 3-4 times a week. His workouts consisted of conventional barbell training and lots of running.  However, the weight continued to creep on.  He did what he thought was the right thing to do regarding his pre/post workouts. He'd down MuscleMilks in a pinch and head to the gym.

When Todd began training with me at On The Edge Fitness, his glutes weren't firing properly and he could hardly swing a 25lb kettlebell.  It was not a surprise that with no glute activation that he suffered from chronic back pain and extremely tight hamstrings. His core was also dysfunctional which added to his continuous back pain.

Todd was very skeptical about interfering with his training regimen he had been doing at his local gym. His first words to me when he walked in to my outdoor gym were "I'm here to try you out." After attending a combination of private sessions, semi-privates and group classes with me, he dropped 20 pounds and he longer has back pain. Todd trains less now than he use to and no longer runs.

Let's find out how Todd did it. I asked him a few questions. 
Todd 3 months after training

Lauren:  I asked you to stop running due to your back pain. Do you miss it?
Todd: I now get to enjoy sprinting so that helps and back pain is completely gone. Between kettlebell swings and battling ropes it takes care of all I need.

L: What's your proudest moment since adding this type training to your lifestyle?
T: Achieving an 88lb Turkish Get Up and of course the body composition changes! :)

L: What changes other than the new training did you implement to achieve these incredible results?
T: Nutrition has been such a big part of it. With the nutrition advice you've given me it's made it an easy lifestyle change. I don't even feel like I'm on a diet. 

L: Now that we had to toss Muscle Milk in the trash, what kind of protein shakes do you consume?
T: I use two different protein shakes and my kids love them. I interchange the Grass Fed Whey Protein FIT 365 and the Organic Raw Pea Protein
L: Didn't you just learn a very hard sport that most soon to be 40 year olds would give up after one day? You must be a very determined guy.
T: Yes I learned how to snowboard.  Thanks to the training that got me ready for it and having a really good snowboard instructor was the ticket.  ;)
Lauren: What a lucky guy. To have both a great coach and a snowboard instructor. :) Would love to meet this person. Thanks for providing us with some photos. 

Todd snowboarding at Canyons Resort near Park City, Utah
Todd and his snowboard instructor

L: What would you say to other men in your position or dads about getting started with this  type of training and nutrition lifestyle?
T: "It's never too late. Get out there and do it. Make the first step. Results will be there. I'm hooked."

L: What about to those that don't live near On The Edge Fitness or anywhere local?

T: "My 65 year old mom that lives all the way in Texas is now hooked on all the DVD's and read your book cover to cover. She is feeling better than ever and looking great. I'd recommend everyone check out your DVD's and videos for guidance and get some distant coaching from, especially if there is no local certified instructors in their area. 

A few more words from Todd

"I workout less than I did before, my back pain is GONE, more flexible, mobility improved and I'm STRONGER!. Maintaining this lifestyle is easy with the amazing group and camaraderie that On The Edge Fitness provides. 

Thanks a bunch to Todd for sharing his story and being such an amazing role model for men. I look forward to seeing more strength gains and athletic endeavors to come. I'm glad he decided to "try me out" (his words). Who knows.... maybe he will even be in the next DVD!  ;)

Left Photo: Todd with his gorgeous sister, taken right before he began his unconventional training.
Right Photo: Todd several months in to his training/nutrition changes, with his snowboard instructor ;)


Now 6 months after this BLOG post check out how far Todd has come.  He even made it to the new DVD!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Proper Push-ups (post pregnancy, c-sections and/or core dysfunction)

Are you struggling with your push ups? I have to admit most people who come to see me for a session, including men, do not perform their push-ups correctly. In fact many people are causing more damage with the way they are currently doing push-ups.

Common mistakes I see:

  • Hands are too wide
  • Lower back sags 
  • Elbows flare out way to far
  • Zero lat engagement throughout
  • Neck and shoulders take over
  • Incorrect head positioning
  • abs completely shut off and not functioning

Here is a quick video I put together on what a proper push-up is suppose to look like along with a progression. Even if you know what one looks like, you may be incapable to perform a solid push-up on the floor until you increase your core activation, trunk stability, and overall core strength.  For the ladies who have had kids, C-sections, suffered from diastasis recti or any sort of abdominal surger, will need to retrain your brain on how to hold a plank properly. Once you can hold a solid plank, you can then work on the moving planks (which I cover in the video) on a higher surface.  Once you can perform 6-10 on the surface you are practicing on, you can then move to a slightly lower surface. If you have a sloppy push-up on the floor all you'll do is injure yourself.  Humble yourself and begin your push-ups higher up until you can eventually go lower and lower over time.  Be patient, there is no rush!

 I will be releasing many more tutorials that will enhance your overall training, including kettlebell training, now that I've found a pretty cool editor for my little videos. ;)

Note: If you are unable to move properly through an elevated push-up, please start with this Mini Plank video instead here

I filmed this push-up video on my youngest daughters 5th birthday. Here is how I looked exactly 5 years ago to remind all of you. I know, I looked so enthusiastic! :)

Photo 1: Ready to pop with baby #2
Photo 2&3: Filmed UBSC Vol. 2 DVD 6 months after Chloe was born, via C-section. (still nursing)

You can go to my main youtube channel to subscribe and get the updates for the next videos to come here.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Kettlebells for Injuries?

For the last several years I've shifted my training focus on rehabilitating people. When I first got in to the fitness industry 15 years ago, my main focus was on fat loss, strength, getting lean etc... While it still is a large part, I've learned that I don't have to focus just on those aspects. In fact, by zoning in on real life movement patterns and injury prevention exercises, the fat loss and strength still HAPPEN! My point is, rather than merely train for physical appearance, people are thriving consistently by sticking to their programs to reverse the aging clock, stay injury free and enjoy a new found quality of life. This has been proving to be much more rewarding!  If you suffer from back pain and injuries it does not mean it's the end for you.    I just received this beautiful testimonial from one of my students, mother of 2, who suffered a major back injury, that no one could diagnose.  Proper patterning and strength, along with kettlebells saved the day for Kathryn!  I'm sharing this to inspire you to find someone that understands how the body works and to strengthen any dysfunction that you may suffer from.  Even if you feel perfect, train with a purpose.
Here is what she said:
Lauren is simply amazing, as a trainer and person.  When I first started kettlebells eight months ago I could not lift a bag of groceries, container of cat litter, or my six year old.  I had a very painful lower back injury that no one could quite diagnose or fix (I had seen doctors and pain specialists and I tried acupuncture, massage, pain medication, ointments, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, heat, and cold--nothing was making me feel any stronger). When I first started working out with Lauren I refused to swing a tiny 2 ½ kilo bell I was so scared of the pain in my back.  Well, Lauren fixed that.  She was patient but she encouraged me to try many different strengthening exercises (go deadlifts).  She also helped me work through moderate pain and discomfort by facing it in carefully controlled circumstances. Lauren has amazing expertise and the uncanny skill of knowing exactly how much you are capable of doing without pushing it past the breaking point. Within a couple of months I was swinging 16 kilo bells and have graduated from there.  I am so much stronger and I no longer fear the pain in my back because there is no more pain.  I can lift multiple bags of groceries and the cat litter. Best of all, two weeks ago I lifted my six year old for the first time (in a year and a half) without fear.  She said to me, “mommy, you can do this every day now.” And you know what, I can.  Thank you Lauren, for everything.  I am so grateful.
Dr. Statler  -  Encinitas, California

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Healthy Gluten Free Oatmeal and Almond Flour Pancakes

These delicious pancakes have been a Sunday tradition with my little girls for years.  Over time I've made them in slightly different ways.  I may have finally mastered a recipe that truly suits everyones tastes.  The good thing about these pancakes is I don't have to feel guilty eating them. I'm able to have loads of energy afterwards and it's on track with my clean eating philosophies.

Oh and did I tell you making them is easy and painless?  


This recipe makes about 2 servings

1/2 cup Organic Gluten Free Oatmeal
1/2 cup Almond Flour
2 Organic Free Range Eggs
1/2 cup Almond, Coconut OR hemp milk
1 Tbs Organic Coconut Sugar *
1tsp Vanilla
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup of blueberries or any fruit of choice*


My girl is not included.  She insisted on being in the photo since these Pancakes are her Fav!!!


Grind the oatmeal in a food processor or blender. (I personally use a blender for this recipe.)
Once ground to a powder add all the dry ingredients and stir or blend.  Add the liquid ingredients and blend or beat until smooth. 

Heat coconut or olive oil on medium to high heat.  Pour batter in to small circles on heated grill, pan or skillet.  Flip when small bubbles begin to form. 

On special occasions I will have a touch of whip cream to the girls pancakes.  I personally enjoy them plain or with a dab of Organic dark maple syrup.

Let me know how you do!  I'm always open to suggestions on how to improve any recipe I share.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

LOVE getting these emails

I'm always so touched when I get these beautiful emails!  Here are some snippets. 

"Hi Lauren,

I discovered your first DVD about three or four years ago now and have been following you ever since.  While I haven't consistently worked out all of this time, I learned that I LOVE kettlebells.  I want to thank you for sharing your passion with the world.  You are an inspiration.  I have all but three of your DVD's (KB Body is my new fav!), your app, your book, and today I just ordered Be SLAM!  Long overdue since I don't always want to fire up the DVD player.

You have been a reminder to me that I can improve my life by taking good care of myself.  That I should do what excites me and that I need to enjoy the process of what I am doing, not just the results!  Most importantly, you speak to the fact that we all have different bodies and we need to appreciate the one we are in no matter our age, size, or abilities.  A thousand times thank you.

Well, I downloaded Be SLAM and immediately got to work organizing my schedule (a compulsion) which included setting up an excel spreadsheet so that I can upload it to my google calendar.  You are so generous with your time and expertise, even for those of us who are remote that I wanted to give you something back. 

My personal results so far?  I am down from 267 lbs and not being able to do a burpee to 240 lbs and squat thrusts being one of my favorite exercises!  This since getting serious this past spring (maybe April).  I still have (approximately) 90 lbs to go.  I can't wait to see the strength and conditioning gains I experience from Be SLAM.  I'll keep you posted.  Have a blessed holiday season, and again, thank you for all that you do and who you are in the world, it is a better place because of you.

Hugs and many blessings,
Chante Fields"

Monday, January 6, 2014

Kat's Kettlebell Journey From the Philippines (Mom of 2 and inspiration)

Two days ago I received such a warm hearted motivating email. I'm always touched when people choose to write to thank me for their what inspired and motivates them for becoming the strong! 

Kat (AKA Mamakat) wrote me several emails on what she has done to achieve a beautiful strong and lean body (6 pack) with kettlebell training and clean eating. 

Thank you Kat for sharing this with me and allowing me to share it with the world.  I hope people find you on instagram and follow your transformation!  ----> mamakathere

Here are a few clips of her email and photos that she has sent over.  

Greetings from your #1 fan in the Phillippines.

Hi Lauren, 

I'm Kat a mother of two. I got hooked into kettlebells when I leaned out a few months after giving birth. I heard about you from our kettlebell instructor marc. He is the only certified ktb instructor here in Manila. I'm lucky to be trained by him. I am a part time model and perfume maker, but my passion for health and fitness is beyond, im a big time ufc fan... Meisha tate has been my long time idol. My goal this year is to spread the beauty of kettlebell training! There are moms here who cannot afford fancy gym and trainers... I want to share how kettlebell training transformed the body I have.... Im 5'9 100 lbs... My energy is insane!  I eat well and never a fan of diets.  I am still nursing.  

I able to double swing, clean and press a 35 pounds bell... Never in my dreams I thought I could ever lift 1/4 of my weight! You are an inspiration! I keep watching your videos over and over for motivation!

Anyway my dream is to meet you."



Oh by the way I'm a mother to a special child, my eldest has autism and one of the reasons why we went kettlebell training is that we had no time for fancy gyms last year...my husband is the one who got me into this...He never resorted to any kind of diet.. He ate well but went on working with kettlebells as he leaned out. I documented my transformation on instagram under mamakathere when I started 6mos ago.  There you will see how I got ab cuts with my 14 pound bell. I wish to spread the beauty of kettlebells to all mothers here. That is the very reason why I am training with Marc. I wish to be a blessing to others.